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AJ's thoughts on death.

On the glorious day of May 1st, 2004, my idea of death, or life, came pouring out of my mouth as Ashley, Emily, Fred and I sat discussing useless and meaningless theories.

Death happens to you all the time, but you just don't know it. Here's an example. You are alive and well. Let's say you die. In the life you died in, everyone around you knows you died. The world goes on, knowing that you're dead.

Here's where it's gets crazy. There is a parallel world where you are still alive. You don't know that you have died in the other world. No one else knows about the death either.

No matter what happens, there are always two parallel worlds. One where you live and one where you die.
You know the saying, "My life flashed before my eyes"? Well, it supports my theory. Your life flashes before your eyes. You die. You start your life where you left off, or where your life stops "flashing".

Have you ever had a near death experience? Well, when you have one, you feel warm and tingly. I believe that's you dying in the parallel world.

I haven't quite figured out how it all ends, but I do believe there is an end. Unless we just keep reliving our lives...

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