browniebaker (browniebaker) wrote in constantstate,

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truth hurts....

"i got reasons to believe that you've been foolin around."

so had an interesting talk with aj today. mos def. I really was about to cry in b.eng. pathetic i know. i really just don't want him to go to Hawaii. but on the unselfish angle, i kinda wonder what Hawaii will have to offer to aj. maybe he will like it, maybe he won't. but all i know is that i will definately visit his ass when he is out there. same with emily, me and her will mos def tear up the NYC. and danielle will take me down to the beach and i will send her care packages.

seriously i keep deleting my shiet, so that means its not right for me to be typing all this. im done now. i really had two more paragraphs left. god said no. its the state of constistency
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